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Our sales representatives are available Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. to answer all your questions and find solutions in order to offer you the most competitive quote . You can call us or ask us to come for a free visit. You will receive a detailed quote . This is very useful if you later want to remove services from the quote.


Putting your belongings in boxes or sending the packing material

If you take our packing option, our teams of movers come a day before to pack everything. Otherwise we will deliver the boxes you will need.


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Our team of movers will arrive on time for your move. When they arrive, many of our clients tell us that their professionalism makes the stress of the move evaporate after 5 minutes.


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Our team of movers has 5 to 20 years of experience. Each of our movers is trained to assemble furniture and place it correctly in a moving truck.

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We guarantee you a stress-free move since 2012

With CARBODEM REMOVALS your property will be protected with the appropriate equipment. Our professional movers use the best tools and equipment to dismantle, carefully pack your belongings and load them safely into our moving trucks.

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Monika Feldman
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
This article was originally intended for landlords but gradually we realized that the tenant can also learn from these selection criteria. By knowing how the landlord will calculate the creditworthiness of your profile, you can ensure that you look your best without lying.
Posted on
Diana Horton
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Smiling and friendly staff! The move went very well.The equipment made available was perfectly in line with the need (covers, bedding protection covers, boxes, straps, etc.) Full furniture has been carefully moved. A successful move 🙂
Posted on
Claudia Fuente
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
We have chosen this moving company twice. Each time no problem, top team, perfect value for money. Punctual and super pleasant. I recommend, very neat, super provident work and no breakage. The next move will still be made by their care.
Posted on


How to get a cheap moving quote ?

As a local moving company in Nice, we understand the importance of getting a cheap quote for our customers. We have therefore implemented different strategies to offer competitive rates while maintaining quality service.

First, we use eco-friendly and reusable packaging materials to reduce costs. We have also invested in modern and efficient moving equipment to minimize the risk of accidents and damage.

In addition, we offer bespoke moving packages to suit each client’s needs and offer special offers for off-peak removals.

We also encourage our customers to plan their move in advance to benefit from preferential rates. We are also willing to discuss pricing and offer free quotes for customers looking for more affordable options.

Finally, we guarantee a quality service to all our customers, whatever the amount of their estimate. We are proud of our reputation as a reliable and professional moving company in Nice.

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How can our local moving company in Nice offer competitive rates?

As a local moving company in Nice, we understand that customers are looking for competitive prices for their move. We have therefore implemented strategies to offer affordable rates while maintaining quality service.

First, we have lower operating costs than large national companies, which allows us to offer competitive rates. We also use environmentally friendly and reusable packaging materials to reduce costs.

In addition, we offer bespoke moving packages to suit each client’s needs and offer special offers for moves outside of peak days. We are also willing to discuss pricing and offer free quotes for customers looking for more affordable options.

Finally, we guarantee a quality service to all our customers, whatever the amount of their estimate. We are proud of our reputation as a reliable and professional moving company in Nice.

How much does moving with our local company in Nice cost?

The cost of a move depends on several factors such as the distance, the number of items to be moved, the time required to carry out the move and the additional services requested. As a local moving company in Nice, we offer competitive rates for our moving services.

We offer tailor-made packages according to the needs of each client. We take into account the distance, the volume of your goods to be moved, the additional services requested and the schedules to establish a tailor-made quote.

It is important to point out that the rates also vary according to the season, the rates can be higher in periods of high demand (summer and end of the year) and more affordable outside these periods.

We advise you to request a free estimate to know the exact price of your move. We are willing to discuss pricing and provide you with options to meet your budget.

In summary, the cost of moving with a local company in Nice varies depending on different factors, but we are committed to offering competitive rates for our quality services.

Why choose us for your corporate move to Nice ?

A business move to Nice is a complex process that requires careful organization to ensure an efficient and risk-free transfer.

As a local moving company, we have the experience and skills to make this transition easier for your business. We suggest a prior appointment with a technical advisor to assess your needs and establish a personalized quote.

The adviser will also guide you in organizing the move of your business in Nice. We take into account the importance of continuing your business, even during the move, and we offer transfer options at night, during weekends or in installments. We have a single point of contact to take charge of the file from A to Z and we also have recognized expertise for employee transfers.

How to choose your moving boxes in Nice ?

The choice of moving boxes in Nice must be made according to the size and volume of the objects to be moved.

It is important to have different sizes of boxes, especially small ones for heavy and small objects, medium ones for clothes, shoes and linens, and large ones for large objects.

It is also recommended to use specific boxes for fragile objects. The number of boxes needed depends on the total volume of goods to be moved. It is possible to calculate this volume by dividing the floor area of a room by 2, or by using specialized websites.

What to plan for an international move to or from Nice ?

CARBODEM REMOVALS offers a complete service for your international move, whether you are leaving or arriving in France. We take care of the appropriate packaging to protect your goods during transport.

We then load your items into our movers for road moves, into containers for sea moves or into custom-made wooden crates for air moves. We then deliver your goods to your home abroad and take care of customs formalities for export and import.

We also offer transport insurance, the rate of which depends on the destination. By choosing CARBODEM REMOVALS, you are guaranteed a successful move!


As a local moving company in Nice, we offer professional services for corporate removals.

We understand the specific needs of a corporate move and make sure to meet them to ensure a smooth transition for your business. Our experienced team has the skills and equipment necessary to protect and transport your goods efficiently and securely.

We work closely with you to plan the move in a way that minimizes disruption to your business. We also offer temporary storage solutions to help you manage items that cannot be immediately moved to your new premises.

Our goal is to make your corporate move to Nice as smooth and stress-free as possible, so you can focus on your business. Contact us for a personalized quote.

Why entrust us with your end-of-lease cleaning in Nice ?

Choosing CARBODEM REMOVALS for your end-of-lease cleaning in Nice means opting for a professional and efficient service. Our experienced teams provide a complete and thorough cleaning of your home, room by room, for impeccable results. We use quality cleaning products and professional equipment to guarantee you total satisfaction. We also take into account the specifics of your home, such as hidden spaces or hard-to-reach windows, for a complete cleaning. Our price for end-of-lease cleaning varies according to the size of your accommodation and the services requested. We can establish a tailor-made quote according to your needs. By entrusting your end-of-lease cleaning to CARBODEM REMOVALS, you are sure to recover your deposit without any problem and leave your old accommodation clean and in good condition for future tenants. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our end-of-lease cleaning services in Nice.

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Tips for organizing your move to Nice efficiently

To properly organize your move, it is important to carefully protect fragile items by wrapping them in bubble wrap.

If you make your own boxes, be sure to arrange each object in the direction of the height and in a suitable container, such as a cardboard barrel, or by surrounding it with bubble wrap. It’s also important to limit the weight of each box to around 15 kilograms to prevent them from tearing open during transport.

Use labels to indicate the contents and corresponding part of each box. It is advisable to prepare a box with the items you may need for the first few days, such as a change of clothes, towels and food, so that you do not have to unpack all the boxes immediately.

CARBODEM REMOVALS wishes you a good move.

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